Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

If you’re a working professional, you’ve likely experienced the end of an interview session, when the interviewer asks if you have any questions. If you’re unprepared, this can cause some nerves and possibly a freeze-up. As a candidate, you don’t want to appear uninterested. Asking questions implies your enthusiasm for the role and company. 

If you’re lost in terms of questions, we’ve listed out a handful to consider asking in your next interview. Not only will it prove your desire to continue the interview process, but it will give you further insight into your potential position. 

Questions about the job & training 

  • What does a typical workday entail? 
  • What type of projects will I be working on? 
  • Who will I be collaborating with and reporting to? 
  • What does the onboarding process look like? 
  • (If remote) How does onboarding differ when virtual? 
  • What is the training process like in this position? 
  • (If remote) How does training differ when virtual? 
  • Are there opportunities for advancement in this position and the company overall? 
  • What are the mentorship opportunities in this position? 
  • How are my goals or performance metrics measured? 

Questions about the interviewer 

  • How long have you been with the company? 
  • What is your favorite part about working here? 
  • How have you grown and advanced in your time here? 
  • What does your typical workday look like? 

Questions about the company & culture 

  • How would you describe the work environment at the company? 
  • How well do teams here collaborate and communicate? 
  • Does the company host any annual or traditional events? 
  • How does the company support remote or hybrid schedules? 

If you’re searching for your next career move, do not hesitate to contact a talented recruiter at Green Key today. Our recruiters are more than happy to prepare you for interviews through practice questions and provided resources! 

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