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Women Hold Majority of New C-Level Jobs

December 6th, 2019

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Although women have yet to reach anything even remotely close to parity on corporate boards and in the CEO chair, they are making inroads to the C-suite in a surprising way. A LinkedIn analysis shows women hold a majority of the newest C-level titles.

Many of the jobs are so new -- Chief Privacy Officer, for example -- they are just beginning to emerge from the shadows.

When she first entered the new field of privacy, “Nobody had really heard of it,” Cynthia Van Ort told LinkedIn. “Now, it’s the career to enter," said Van Ort, who is Chief Privacy Officer at Thomson Reuters.

That LinkedIn's analysis shows women dominating the newest C-level jobs is just as surprising for more recognizable titles, as it is for others. It might be expected that women would hold a majority (65%) of all Chief Human Resources Officer roles; they account for 71% of the HR professionals. But as recently as 2010, only 37% of the Fortune 200 were female. Today, 60% are.

One of the newest titles, Chief People Officer, is 71% female, according to LinkedIn. And women hold 64% of the Chief Talent Officer positions.

Less traditionally female jobs are also held by women: Chief Administrative Officer - 56%; Chief Clinical Officer - 60%.

What's behind the trend? LinkedIn suggests it has to do with the very newness of the positions. Says LinkedIn, "The newest C-suite titles may be less bogged down by historical gender biases associated with the standard corner office positions>"

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