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Without a Great Assistant Executives Would Be 'Toast'

August 12th, 2019

Ron Williams

"Without the help of talented, dedicated EAs, many of the world’s most successful business leaders would be toast!"

That's what Ron Williams, former CEO of Aetna, believes of executive assistants.

Writing in Chief Executive about the important role assistants play, Williams describes it as an "overlooked reality."

They fill a unique role, he explained, handling all types of details and tasks to help their boss manage their responsibilities and meet goals. "They handle a bewildering amount of detail that often goes unnoticed by the executives they serve — whose work would stop in its tracks if the EAs weren’t around."

"The result is a business environment that may appear seamless to the outside eye but couldn’t exist without many hours of hard work from the EAs."

While everyone might not agree with Williams, the vast majority of managers not only second what he says, but will tell you that the job of an administrative assistant has grown over the last several years. Not only do 100% of the 600 executives surveyed say their assistant is important to their success, but their efforts save them a full day's worth of work each week.

So when Williams says the assistants who supported the executive team at Aetna were "essential to my success and that of the organization," you know it's not just a gracious compliment.

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