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Who's the Most Romantic? Not HR

February 14th, 2019

Valentine's Day survey infographic

For a profession many believe is full of "people persons" with a "touchy feely" approach, human resources isn't even close when it comes to romancing their loved one today.

According to a Valentine's survey (there's a survey about everything) of 2,784 of office workers, 60% of human resources professionals will do something special with that special someone. We don't know what the other 40% will be doing, but if they have a romantic partner and don't come up with something before they leave the office, we can guess they'll be watching TV alone tonight. Or maybe with their dog.

So what group of workers turned out to be the most romantic? Marketing and sales, says, an Amazon competitor from the United Kingdom. With 78% of those workers declaring they are planning something special, OnBuy crowned marketing and sales the most romantic office profession.

Coming in at the bottom were the professionals in Information and Technology. Only 37% of them said they've got something planned. Imagine, even the lawyers and accountants did better than the techies. In fact, 54% of the lawyers are going to mark today in a special way with a loved one.

Cards and flowers or candy are the order of the day, says OnBuy; 52% of the people in the survey will send them to their loved one at work.

About that dog relationship we mentioned, another survey (we said there's a survey for everything) found 47% of all people with dogs have something special planned for their canine companion. The same percentage say they cuddle more with their dog than their partner. And 25% say they spend more money on Rover than on their (evidently less) significant other.

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