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The Who's Who and What's What In Business Insurance

May 23rd, 2019

For anyone in the business of business insurance or considering a career in the industry, Business Insurance is a valuable resource. The kaleidoscope of daily articles alone will keep you up-to-date on everything from cyber risks to workers' comp. But it's the resources and reports section where the site really stands out.

We're not shilling for the site, just letting you know as we do from time-to-time about a useful resource.

Want to know what colleges and universities have the most students studying risk management and insurance? It's there and up-to-date. The largest brokers in the country? Check. Fastest growing? Check. Largest property and casualty wholesalers? Check again.

Besides the news articles and directories, there are briefs on industry people movement.

The first few articles and resources are free. For more you need to register, but that's free.

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