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What Would You Trade for Lower Pay?

July 28th, 2016
How much pay are you willing to give up for certain perks?
  • A better than market rate commission plan? Check.
  • A great health plan fully (or mostly) paid for by the employer? Check.
  • A really rich 401k plan? Check.
  • A flexible work schedule? Not!

Katie Donovan, a negotiation expert with Equal Pay Negotiations LLC, says you should only trade away a lower base for "things that have monetary value." A flexible work schedule, she says, usually ends up being a better deal for the employer.

“Flexibility for the most part actually makes money for the employers. Productivity increases; costs decrease,” Donovan tells The Business Journals. “Why would I take less money to do more work? I don’t get that and yet somehow we buy into it.”

Ditto, she says, for company culture and other intangibles like a career path. "Everybody’s got culture. When I find the culture that fits me, it’s a good thing, but it’s not such an amazing thing that I now have to pay you 10% of my base salary to stick around here."

One situation where you might accept less pay is to get experience. Take the job, she counsels, get the experience, but start looking for a job once you have it.

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