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We Need Google to Tell Us Where the Bank Is

April 20th, 2017
financial services trendsCould it be we all so infrequently go to the bank that we need to Google the nearest branch location?

That's one explanation for the surge in searches using terms like “bank branch,” “nearest ATM” and “nearest branch.” Since around 2011 there's been a steady rise in Google searches using these terms, which happens to coincide with a similarly steady decline in visits to physical banking facilities, reports The Financial Brand.

Using the Google Trends visualization tool, the site, which focuses on marketing and strategy issues affecting retail banks and credit unions, analyzed a number of search terms related to the financial services industry. Not all of them are exclusively financial. But among the terms The Financial Brand  looked at were the three location type searches, which showed a rise for each.

"It’s difficult to reconcile the rising trend," the article admitted, "with the decline in traffic financial institutions are experiencing in their physical locations." But the rise in these searches should give retail banks and credit unions enough of a reason to include a branch and ATM finder on their website.

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