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Uninspired? Get Help From InspiroBot

September 11th, 2019


Feeling uninspired? Lacking in creativity? There's no shortage of self-help advice to get you going again: take a walk; write out how you're feeling in longhand; meditate; do yoga; exercise; take a nap.

Or you could just turn to InspiroBot.

In seconds you'll have snapped back, attempting to deduce the meaning of such inspirations as:

  • "If we can't understand the macarena, what is there left to understand?"
  • "A wish is what you get when you cry."
  • "Wouldn't things be pretty different if all your friends had some sympathy for telemarketers?"
  • "Human imagination is just a mirroring of the flawed nature of eternity."

There's a special section for when you're feeling particularly mindless.

In Mindfulness Mode, InspiroBot will speak soothingly, perhaps urging you to "Quit innovation or you'll be scientific." Or you might be told, "Take a deep breath" or "Consider how karma doesn't knock."

When you find just the right inspiration, print it on a t-shirt or poster or mug. That way, you'll always remember that inspiration can come from anywhere, including an AI bot that honestly explains it is "dedicated to generating unlimited amounts of unique inspirational quotes for endless enrichment of pointless human existence."

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