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  • Honoring the Front of Frontline Healthcare Workers

    October 14th, 2020

    emergency nurse covid - blog.jpg

    Of all the frontline healthcare workers, emergency nurses are first in the line.

    These registered nurses staff a hospital’s emergency room, making life and death decisions on the spot. They triage patients who walk in, are wheeled in, and sometimes carried in determining the urgency of their condition and their treatment priority.

    In life-threatening situations, they’ll jump into action without delay - starting CPR to restart a heart or delivering …

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  • Americans See Nurses as Altruistic

    August 13th, 2020

    Americans see nurses as dedicated, caring professionals who risk their health because they care about the public welfare.

    smiing nurse

    Doctors, whose favorable rating is rising, are seen by a majority of the public as interested in making money as much as working for the public good.

    The most recent survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation found 60% of Americans says nurses are, “Mostly interested in working for the good of the …

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