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Strong Q2 Accounting and Finance Hiring Forecast

March 20th, 2017
q2 2017 accounting forecastHiring for accounting and finance jobs continues to grow, with the next quarter of the year expected to see even more competition to fill positions.

The quarterly hiring forecast from Brilliant, based on a survey of some 650 HR professionals and hiring managers, found nearly half of them had at least one opening they wanted to fill.

“For accounting / finance positions, 46% of human resources professionals and hiring managers reported one or more openings, up from 29% in the Q1 2017 hiring forecast survey, and just above the 45% recorded in the Q2 2016 hiring forecast," says Dr. Richard Curtin, Director, Surveys of
Consumers at the University of Michigan. He prepares the quarterly hiring forecast.

While most of the companies with vacancies had between 1 and 3 jobs to fill, 12% of all companies in the survey had more; 3% were looking to fill more than 10 accounting / finance jobs. More than half the employers with openings reported it takes them more than a month to fill a job; 9% said it takes them 3 months or longer.

Corporate accounting roles, including financial analysis, tax, general accounting and internal auditing, were the most commonly mentioned jobs to be filled. Noted the report, "This was the highest concentration of unfilled corporate accounting positions since the Q2 2016 hiring forecast, and more importantly, these jobs were responsible for reversing the slide in unfilled positions documented in the prior four quarters."

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