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Sneakerheads Wanted

February 5th, 2019


If you're into sneaker fashion, Lyst has a job for you.

It pays something; we have no idea what, though we'll guess it's not going to pay the rent. But the job does come with a sneaker allowance and special "insider access to global industry meetups and launches." Here's the hook: You have to pass a test about sneaker design, history and culture and score over 80%.

We gotta warn you, it's not an easy test unless you really are a sneakerhead. Even then, it's not a breeze.You'll have to know sneaker brands, what the shoes look like and be able to differentiate among them, and even tell which come in what kind of boxes. Plus a whole lot more, like what musicians have written songs about sneakers.

The test is timed, so we're thinking you're doomed if you try to game it by Googling your answers.

The whole thing is at least partially a shot at a viral campaign for Lyst, since you can share your score on FB and Twitter. But it is cool and Lyst is a huge fashion marketplace that's gotten written up in most of the big fashion magazines. And if you get picked for the Sneaker Intelligence Unit your opinion will help inform the world about what's hot, what's not and what's new in sneakers.

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