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A Resume QR Code Will Make You Stand Out

January 3rd, 2019

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QR codes have been around since not long after the first smartphones came out. Now they're everywhere. Everywhere except on resumes.

Resumes -- and business cards -- are an ideal place for QR codes. LinkedIn thought it such a good idea the company added a unique QR code for every member last June. (Find yours by using the mobile app. From the home tab, tap the QR icon in the search box. Then tap "My Code" and download it.) LinkedIn developed it to facilitate connecting with others, so you can easily share it with others. It links to your LI profile, which is another good reason to keep it up to date.

You can also create your own QR code if you have an online portfolio or other profile site. For most of us, the LinkedIn QR code will work just fine.

Why use it on a resume? Shouldn't your resume contain all the key information a recruiter needs to make an initial decision? There's a yes, and a no answer to that.

Yes, your resume needs to highlight your experience and accomplishments. We've written often on this blog about what a resume should contain. Adding a QR code isn't a reason to shortcut the important details. Most hiring managers and recruiters aren't going to scan that QR until they've decided you're someone they want to talk to. Plus, with most resumes now being digitized, a QR code won't do you much good; an important reason to also add a link to a profile or website.

However, having a QR code right there on the resume is eye-catching and helps you stand out. It's also a signal that you're tech savvy and tells the recruiter there's more information available if they want it. And, of course, there are still plenty of employers who want paper resumes and hiring managers who expect them.

If you do decide to include a QR code be sure that wherever it leads is worth the effort. In other words, be sure your LinkedIn profile -- or other destination -- goes beyond what's on your resume. Endorsements are one obvious addition, so are articles you've written, portfolios of your work, details of volunteer efforts and similar other enhancements. Be as scrupulous in checking grammar and spelling as you are for your resume.

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