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Quants, Researchers Are the Most Satisfied

May 31st, 2019

efinancialcareers satisfaction survey

Smile if you're a quant or a researcher. They're the two most rewarding jobs in finance.

That's the somewhat surprising result of a still ongoing survey by eFinancialCareers. Some other jobs in banking may pay better -- M&A and finance, for instance. But the intellectual stimulation of research more than makes up for any paycheck differences.

According to the survey, satisfaction by quants and researchers reached 6.5 and 6.6 on the 10 point scale. At the other end are those in operations who scored their job satisfaction at a 4.3, far from the next lowest category, compliance and risk and technology, both at 5.5.

Respondents to the survey (4,000 at last count) could offer comments. Those from the operations people tended toward the negative. eFinancialCareers said they "complained of, 'long hours and poor management who treat you like slaves,' 'bullying, uninspiring work and colleagues,' and being 'just another cog' in a job that was increasingly being outsourced to 'idiots in low cost locations.'"

The quants and researchers too had some complaints, but, noted the article reporting on the survey results, more wrote of of "interesting work," "mental stimulation," and "intellectual challenge." 

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