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Pay and Slow Hiring Are Top Barriers For Tech Managers

March 29th, 2019

When it comes to hiring tech talent, salary and a slow hiring process are the top two barriers, say tech leaders.

A survey of some 2,800 IT decision makers in 28 leading markets found just about a quarter of them agreeing their compensation isn't as good as what candidates can get from their competitors. Almost as many -- 22% -- complained that the time it takes to make an offer is so slow they're losing candidates.

While those two issues garnered the highest percentage of responses, awareness, competition and perks benefits also ranked high.

Across the 28 markets, 12% of IT hiring managers said competition with other companies in their city is their leading barrier to recruiting technology talent. In specific markets the percentage was even higher. In Detroit for instance, where companies compete with auto manufacturers and other large firms, 23% of hiring managers listed competition as their chief hiring challenge.

Branding plays an important role in attracting talent. 15% of tech leaders cited awareness of their company as a great place to work as their leading barrier to hiring.

And for other companies, their perks and benefits aren't as competitive. Overall, 11% of tech managers agreed, "We don't offer as many unique perks or benefits as other local employers."

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