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For Office Professionals, Mind Reading Is Part of the Job

February 4th, 2015
office foldersAs an administrative assistant you know that mind reading is a must have skill, even if it never appears on a job description. That goes for everyone in an office support role, regardless of title.

It's a skill that comes with experience and commitment to the job. Arlene Vernon, CEO of HRx, says understanding the needs of the people you support, whether that's your direct responsibility or not, is one of the more important skills that makes for an administrative professional.

Anticipating needs -- making copies of the meeting agenda before being asked, as an example -- is crucial to demonstrating your initiative and making the kind of impression that marks you as an up and comer.

What other skills are essential to office professionals? Business Management Daily  lists four more: Skill at multitasking; tech smarts; excellent interpersonal skills; and discretion.

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