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Office Managers Can Improve the Customer Experience

July 10th, 2019

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Customer experience begins even before they open the front door. Realtors call it "curb appeal." That first impression sets an expectation of what follows. Overcoming a bad one takes far more effort than confirming a good one, and it may not happen at all. That's why savvy office managers need to pay attention to the small details.

Look at your reception area from the perspective of a first time visitor. What do they see? A smiling receptionist greeting them warmly? A clean, well-lit space? If it's a waiting area, is the seating unsoiled and in good condition?

These are all part of the customer experience, which, if ignored, can add up to a negative review on Yelp or NextDoor, says The Receptionist. "It’s all too easy for people to leave a negative review of your business after a hasty first impression, miscommunication, or mishandled interaction," says an article on the site, which goes on to add, "These reviews can live forever online, even if they’re unfair or inaccurate."

As an office administrator you have at least some control over that first impression. You may be able to do only so much with the physical environment, but ensuring your office support staff knows how to assist visitors and deal with complaints is your responsibility. It's not the easiest task, as the article admits, but it pays more dividends than redecorating.

"It requires a workplace culture that emphasizes the importance of attentiveness to visitors, and one that expects employees to step in and fix potential problems instead of ignoring them," The Receptionist article advises. "It requires a workplace culture that values criticism and welcomes bad news, and sees them as opportunities to improve."

By encouraging clients, patients and visitors to provide feedback on their experience, you'll learn how well your staff understands that, and it may help you to head off a negative review.

"As long as you respond appropriately to that feedback, they may no longer feel the need to leave a review online. And, of course, you’ll also get tons of valuable insights that can improve your business in other ways."

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