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NYC Offers Life Sciences Internships

October 30th, 2018

An innovative life sciences internship program in New York City is attracting scores of applications from undergrads and graduate students, competing for access to summer jobs in the city's burgeoning life sciences industry.

The program is just one part of an ambitious, 10-year, $500 million strategy to create 16,000 new life sciences jobs and make New York a leader in the industry. Most of the funding will go to developing a life sciences innovation hub somewhere in the city; $100 million of that funding will finance the building or retrofitting of existing structures; $300 million will go to developers in the form of tax abatements for building life science spaces.

The remaining $100 million will provide support for life science startups and to fund training programs including the summer internship.

First tested in 2017, the internship program began operating this year. According to a report on, multiple companies offered internships through the program. Besides early stage startups and large pharmaceutical and biotech firms, advertising and marketing agencies and PR firms serving the industry participated.

Intern hopefuls apply through New York's Economic Development Corporation. The agency's LifeSci NYC group screens each applicant. Jobs are not guaranteed, but those that meet the program's requirements will be matched against jobs offered by the participating companies. Those matching a company's job description will be sent to the hiring manager. Candidates also gain access to the city's job listings. Each company (called a host) makes its own hiring decisions.

Program managers "Encourage students to apply for additional opportunities outside of our program, as the LifeSci NYC Internship Program is competitive such that many students will not receive matches."

A key limitation is that only residents of New York or those attending schools in the city are eligible. More specifics and details on the program are available here.

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