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No Thank You Note, No Job

April 9th, 2019

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We've posted before about the importance of sending a thank you note after the interview. Even after being rejected for the job.

The reasons for saying thank you for the interview are many: It's a chance to remind the interviewer of your strengths; it's gracious; and, because so few do it, it helps you stand out. Last week, Business Insider Editor Jessica Liebman added one more: She won't hire anyone who doesn't say thank you.

"As a hiring manager, you should always expect a thank-you email, and you should never make an offer to someone who neglected to send one."

She gave two reasons:

  1. "No thank-you email signals the person probably doesn't want the job."
  2. " While sending a thank-you note doesn't necessarily guarantee the person will be a good hire, it gives you the tiniest bit more data: The candidate is eager, organized, and well mannered enough to send the note."

If that seems harsh, so did dozens of Liebman's Twitter followers, many of whom identified themselves as a recruiter.

This one is fairly typical (if more restrained than many): "While I believe in sending thank-you notes (not really a millennial thing but boomers like them), this policy of yours instantly raises red flags on my end as a hypothetical employee. Do I want to work for someone who values adherence to their personal social norms over my skills?"

No matter which side you take, sending a thank you note is always a good idea for all the reasons we mentioned. And for the record, we never heard of anyone dinging you because you said thank you.

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