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The 'Next Big Thing' Is Dead

February 1st, 2019

CompTIA 2019 Outlook logo

The “Next Big Thing” is dead, CompTIA declares in its annual IT outlook report. The trade association for the tech industry says the phenomenon of revolutionary products like smartphones is becoming less relevant “in a world defined not by ‘one big thing,’ but rather, the iterative fusion of technology building blocks coupled with a generous helping of people and process.”

That idea underlies the trends the organization believes will shape the industry this year.

Some of these trends are entirely predictable, having begun to gather momentum in 2018 and even before. Cloud and edge computing are hardly new developments; 5G networking, while newer, is well-deployed in areas outside the U.S. However, it’s not for the infrastructure that these technologies made the CompTIA list. They are there, the report explains, because of how they will come to alter the digital landscape.

After years of porting data and apps to the cloud, companies are beginning to rebuild applications to take advantage of its unique properties.

“True transformation starts with rebuilding applications to take advantage of cloud computing’s unique properties, and this transformation will accelerate as those applications also factor in the location awareness of edge computing and the dynamic capabilities of 5G networking. Fully evolved applications will be the mechanisms for new economic activity, and IT skills will likewise evolve to support the new structure.”

That’s an example of how the report identified and discusses the trends that will impact tech professionals. AI and the Internet of Things have their place among the trends, but not to predict how much will be automated. Rather, CompTIA predicts that wedding AI-enabled devices will result in an ambient computing that will begin to alter human behavior.

Each of the trends in CompTIA’s 2019 outlook report is briefed, rather than detailed. Few run more than a couple hundred words, making for a quick tour through the future of technology and its impact on all of us.

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