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More Accountants In Demand Than IT Pros

January 3rd, 2017
hiring forecast 2017 speedHere's a surprise: accounting and finance professionals are more in demand that tech pros.

That's what hiring managers and HR leaders in South Florida and the greater Chicago area, told researchers from the University of Michigan. The survey of 500 employers is limited to those areas, but it's the first time in a year those companies have more open positions in accounting than in IT.

It's not a mere statistical fluke. According to the survey prepared for Brilliant, "Three-in-10 businesses reported unfilled full-time accounting and finance positions, and one-in-six companies reported unfilled full-time IT positions. Further, corporate accounting, and software and database administration positions were most in demand with the majority of businesses reporting plans to fill these positions as soon as possible."

The other interesting finding: Twice as many companies want to hire accountants now than do companies hiring tech professionals.

As geographically limited as the survey may be, other reports say both accounting professionals and tech workers will be in high demand in 2017. CareerBuilder and its research subsidiary EMSI compiled a list of the hottest jobs; Business and financial operations came in at the top, followed by tech jobs.

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