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It’s National Payroll Week!

September 8th, 2020

You know that this is National Payroll Week, right?

No? But you knew that Monday was Labor Day, a paid company holiday, didn’t you?

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What if the payroll professional who handles the time cards, tracks vacation days, sick days, paid holidays, makes sure your deductions are right and processes all the paychecks “forgot” Monday was a paid holiday?

Not that any payroll professional would, but you get the point.

Those who handle payroll too often go unnoticed except when there’s a problem. Or when, like last year, there was a new W-4 form to fill out and you had to be reminded to get yours in.

When the COVID pandemic shut down the office and sent everyone home to work, your payroll professionals were the ones who figured out how to manage timesheets and what to do about your colleagues still getting paper checks.

So before the week is over, drop by or Zoom in the payroll office and wish everyone the best this National Payroll Week. Make it really memorable and sing them a few choruses of the payroll week song, America Works.

Or just a nice email thanking them for all they do would make their day and their week.

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