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Introducing Green Key Creative, Our Newest Division

December 16th, 2015

Like fashion trends, the digital marketing world is evolving quicker than a New York minute. From brick and mortar to e-commerce and mobile, retailers across the board are faced with the challenge to create an innovative, trend setting, and unified customer experience.


With demand soaring for these intelligent and creative pioneers, Green Key Resources announces the launch of our new creative recruiting group. Green Key’s team of experienced fashion industry recruiters is already meeting the need of retailers, wholesalers, advertising agencies, consumer goods, amongst others.


The initial focus is staffing fashion and beauty, but our expertise extends across all industries. Our specialists are already placing the industry’s top talent in varied roles including digital design and production, print and packaging, project management, copywriting and proofreading, photography and retouching, web development, public relations, advertising, traditional and digital marketing, social media and e-commerce marketing and merchandising.


“Our new creative group will touch every industry, every area where creative people are in demand,” says Green Key Resources’ Managing Partner Andrew Chayut. “We’ve seen the need here, in New York, and nationally, as well, for talented creative professionals to fill roles, not only in fashion and beauty, but in so many other areas, too. “


Margaret Lambert“That’s why we launched a creative group with experienced, knowledgeable and smart people,” he added. “I’m delighted to introduce Margaret Lambert who heads our new division. She comes to us with a wealth of background in the fashion and beauty industry. A former sales rep herself, she knows the ropes and knows some of the best people in the industry personally.”


Helping her build the group is Meredith Robinson, who worked in fashion wholesale at Yves Saint Laurent. Like Margaret, Meredith worked at fourthFLOOR Creative before joining Green Key Resources.


“We welcome them both as the founding members of Green Key Resources Creative,” Chayut added.


The team is ready to fill your needs. Learn more about us at or call 212-683-1988.

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