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The Importance of EX for the Candidate Experience

August 13th, 2019

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For the last several years, the idea that the employee experience may be even more important than the candidate experience in attracting and retaining talent has been growing among business leaders.

We're not picking a side here; we say both are important. But what's encouraging is the attention progressive organizations are giving to the issue. In a Gartner report on executive priorities, more than half of HR leaders listed the employee experience (often expressed as EX) as one of their three most important initiatives of the year.

Why is the EX so significant? Jan Jacob an executive with the global talent consultant Pontoon Solutions, tells us a positive EX has a powerful influence on engagement and is a compelling differentiator for candidate attraction. His focus in his short article for Staffing Industry Analysts is on the benefits to recruiting. However, they extend to retention, which, in these days of tight labor and more jobs than people, is of critical importance.

"Applicants want to personally identify with the values, culture and brand of their future employer," Jacob writes. That is equally true of your existing workforce. The candidate -- and the employee -- experience require than an organization look inward, not just outward, asking, "Where are we as an organization today and where do we want to be in the future?

"This inward reflection leads business to create vision, strategy and more operational tactics to improve... experience."

He also argues that measuring the success of the candidate experience -- and we would add the EX -- with traditional metrics may no longer be enough to tell you how both groups see you. Perhaps, he suggests, using a measure long embraced by marketing -- the Net Promoter Score -- is the way to go.

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