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IBM Says Its Apple Users Are More Productive and Stay Longer

November 18th, 2019

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Can an Apple computer make you a better worker? Surprisingly yes, says IBM

Last week at the Jamf Nation User Conference, a meeting of Apple IT administrators, IBM's CIO presented the findings of a somewhat unusual study of the performance of Apple and Windows users in the company. As reported on Computerworld, CIO Fletcher Previn said Mac users are more likely to exceed performance expectations and stay with IBM longer than PC users.

These were not just incremental differences. According to the Computerworld account, Previn said the company's study found:

  • Mac users made sales deals that were 16% higher than those made by PC users.
  • 22% more macOS users exceed expectations on their performance reviews compared to Windows users.
  • Mac users were also 17% less likely to leave the company than Windows users.
  • There's also more satisfaction with the software availability. Only 5% of Mac users ask for additional software beyond what's already available, compared to 11% of Windows users.

Considering IBM has over 300,000 employees, the economic difference in favor of Apple is substantial. Previn evidently didn't mention dollars, but since IBM began allowing its workers to choose the OS they want, the company has discovered its tech support costs were, as the article describes them, "much, much lower."

According to the article, "Today, IBM has just seven people supporting 200,000 macOS devices in contrast to the 20 needed to support the same number of Windows devices, IBM said at JNUC."

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