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How to Make a Good First Day Impression

April 5th, 2019

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Congratulations! You got the job and you start Monday. What should you do on your first day to make a good impression on your new boss and your new co-workers?

Don't burn the popcorn and don't take the last cup of coffee without making a fresh pot.

Good advice for sure, but refraining from these two office faux pas will only keep you from creating a negative impression. It's what you do that will make a positive one.

One of the simplest things is to be on time; even better, be a few minutes early. It's surprising anyone would show up late to work on their first day. Yet it happens and when it does, it raises an "uh-oh" with your new boss and your new co-workers. (Yes, they'll notice.) So figure out how long it will take to get to work and leave even earlier. You can always wait it out at a nearby Starbucks.

After you fill out all the HR paperwork, you'll be introduced around. Unless you have an eidetic memory, you're going to forget some names. Don't sweat it. When you need to interact, admit with a smile and a little humor that you've forgotten who they are. Say something like, "I've met so many people today I barely remember my own name." When you return to your desk, write it down. We know of a few people who create a seating chart to help them keep track.

If you're invited out to lunch, go. If it doesn't look like that will happen, ask your new co-workers where they go. Not only will you get some recommendations, you'll also get clues to the culture of your new team. You'll discover how common it is for groups to go out or whether eating at your desk is more the norm.

It's also important to be resourceful. Should no one have arranged a computer log-on for you, don't just sit there, find out how to get one and then act. Should you find yourself with nothing to do, see if someone needs help and volunteer. It may not be your job to help the office staff collate reports, but no one will object if you offer to help. Just don't start telling people the "better" way it was done at your old job.

Starting a new job is stressful. No matter how much homework you did before joining your new company, there are always going to be surprises. Roll with them. Staying upbeat and positive is the best way to make a good and lasting impression.

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