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Hiring the Best Is No Longer a Given For Life Sciences

April 11th, 2019

life sciences

It wasn't that long ago that life sciences companies were considered employers of choice, "offering attractive opportunities and benefits, challenging and rewarding work, and long-term (if not lifetime) employment stability."

Many still are, but the landscape has changed. Today, says an article on PharmaExec, "The power to attract and retain the best in the labor market is no longer a given for life sciences employers."

Referring the changes in the industry as a "dynamic environment," the authors say it is "incumbent on employers to track their talent, be open to new capabilities and innovative ways of working, and offer flexible employment options."

With candidates weighing a "company's record and reputation for diversity and inclusion, community, societal and educational engagement, organizational culture, work-life balance strategies, and development opportunities. It truly is a buyer’s market," they declare.

"Attracting, retaining, and developing talent include strategies to successfully compete for the best and brightest at all stages of professionals’ careers, understanding and managing the impacts of globalization, and recognizing the appeal and limitations of talent mobility."

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