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Here's What Drives the Boss Crazy

June 1st, 2016
angry bossIf you wonder what's holding you back, try looking in a mirror. If there's no doubt that the quality of your work is good, even great, then chances are excellent it's you.

True, sometimes personalities just don't click. More likely, though, your behavior is getting in the way of your career advancement.

Suzanne Lucas, a well read HR blogger and self-styled "Evil HR Lady," explains the "5 Things You Do that Drive Your Boss Crazy." Beginning with "thinking you are smarter than the boss," which you just might be, and winding up with that not uncommon trait of "not being a team player," Lucas explains how to surmount these behaviors.

You just might know a better way of doing something, but if the boss says do it otherwise, then, Lucas says, do it the boss' way. Oh, and don't whine about it. That's another thing that drives bosses crazy.

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