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Healthcare Jobs: Hard to Fill and Growing

February 12th, 2019

CareerCast in demand jobs 2019

Let's play a little Jeopardy today. The answer is: Medical technologist, nurse, home health aide.

If you said, "What are the toughest jobs to fill" you're right. For what seems like forever, healthcare jobs again top the annual lists of jobs that have recruiters scrambling.

CareerCast's annual analysis lists six medical related jobs on its shortlist of 8 of most in-demand, fast growing jobs. Software developer came out in the first spot with demand projected to grow by 31% over the next 5 years. Surprisingly, second place went to construction laborer. The job doesn't pay nearly as well as software development ($101,790 to $34,350 on average), and at 12%, the growth is slower, but finding enough workers to fill all the jobs is difficult enough to rank it above nearly all others.

Glassdoor has its own list of "best jobs," which is based on median annual base salary, job satisfaction rating and the number of job openings, so even though demand may be high, you won't find low paying jobs there. Dominating this list is tech. Number 1 is data scientist. It's the fourth consecutive year the job is in the top spot and why not, demand is high, job satisfaction is well above average, and the average pay is $108,000.

The largest share of the 50 jobs on the list are in tech. But not far off are healthcare occupations including dental hygienist, nurse and speech pathologist.

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