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Happy SysAdmin Appreciation Day!

July 31st, 2020

Behind every computer network is a person or a team you may have never met, yet it’s thanks to them that every email you write is sent, every file is there when you need it and every report you print gets printed.

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These are the system administrators. They’re the ones who keep the computer system running. They update the programs and make sure the virus protection is still protecting.

When a new employee starts, who wires up their cubicle and gets them a login? You got it, a sysadmin.

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to have everyone work from home, sysadmins made it happen.

So unsung are these heroes of the network that it took a lone admin to create System Administrator Appreciation Day. 21 years ago Ted Kekatos had just finished installing new printers when he came across an ad for the very same printer. It showed a sysadmin with a grateful group of employees showering him with fruit baskets and flowers and wine. As a joke, he showed the ad around, then created a website and began promoting sysadmin day.

The day has grown so popular that besides the website Kekatos still runs there are dozens of video tributes on YouTube. There’s even a musical.

Besides sending your sysadmin a Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day message, take a hint from Ted Kekatos and gift your admins with ice cream and cake, cookies (chocolate, naturally) or cases of Monster, Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew.

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