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Half of Us Will Be 'Workshopping' This Season

November 22nd, 2019

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Amazon and smartphones are giving a whole new meaning to "workshopping." It hasn't received the blessing -- yet -- of the Oxford English Dictionary gatekeepers, but with half of all office workers planning to go online at work to shop this holiday season, workshopping could become as common as texting.

A survey of 2,800 office workers found 52% of them confessing they'll be shopping online at work or while using a company device. Of the 2,800 IT leaders who were also surveyed, a majority wish they wouldn't.

But 77% of those IT professionals also admitted their firm allows workers to shop on company time (or will at least look the other way when they do). Still, 59% worry about the security risks. A third worry about the loss of productivity.

They may have a point. in the office worker survey, 44% admitted their online shopping hindered their productivity. And those most often reporting a productivity hit from their shopping were male professionals (58%) and workers 18-24 (63%).

The survey also found:

  • More men (58%) than women (48%) and 62% of working parents versus 39% of respondents without children said they will shop online from work.
  • Employees ages 25-40 (65%) are most likely to "workshop."
  • Cyber Monday is the most popular "workshopping" day among employees (43%), followed by Amazon Prime Day (38%).
  • Miami, Los Angeles and Phoenix have the most employees who plan to "workshop" this holiday season; professionals in Phoenix, San Diego and Austin are most likely to feel their shopping will hamper productivity.

Image by Mediamodifier from Pixabay

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