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Fintech's Jobs of the Future Are Already Here

September 19th, 2019

fintech future

The fintech revolution is changing just about everything the banking industry does. Just as ATMs freed us from teller lines and made cash available at any hour, fintechs want to obsolete physical banks .themselves.

It's a long shot -- for now -- but among the impacts these online-only financial services are already having is disrupting traditional industry jobs, and creating (by one account anyway) jobs with futuristic titles like "sustainable wealth manager" and "self-driving finance engineer." Even some familiar job titles won't mean anything like what they mean now.

Take "trust officer." In the new world according to fintech, a future trust officer will be in charge of monitoring and providing transparency around how personal banking data is used.

The Dutch tech news site TNW ( has a crystal ball gazing article that convincingly speculates about six specific jobs the fintech revolution may spawn.

In fact, the self-driving finance engineer may not now be a recognizable job title, yet developers and data scientists have already created -- and banks have deployed -- robo-advisors to help customers manage their money. A self-driving finance engineer will embroider on these nascent fintech innovations to enable them to automatically refinance loans and mortgages at an optimal time. And make investments and manage portfolios to achieve maximum returns in line with a customer's best interests.

That sustainable wealth manager we mentioned is another one of those titles easily misunderstood, but a job that already exists. There already are funds and money managers investing in alternative energy products and sustainable practices. Future sustainable wealth managers will seek out opportunities, stay alert for tax incentives and government policies, balancing these factors to create wealth in sustainable industries.

If you look beyond the futuristic titles, the jobs the article sees coming are in one form or another, already here. No one yet is being called a "cross-company cybersecurity liaison" or a "cryptoforecaster," but you can bet there are people in the banking industry today doing their kind of work.

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