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Everyone Needs More Than One Mentor

May 4th, 2016
Mentors have always been important. Choose the right mentor and your career can take off. They not only help you to climb the career ladder, but mentors are invaluable to your development, assisting you when you run up against tough new challenges.

Today's fast paced and ever-changing business landscape calls for you to wear more than one hat, and to stay ahead of wave. Having a single mentor is no longer enough. Now, say the authors of a post on Harvard Business Review, all of us need multiple mentors to turn to for their expertise.

How do you do that? Enlist virtual mentors, say the writers, who conducted a study of employees at HCL Technologies. Companies can and should facilitate those connections. Not only is good for individual development, but the company reaps benefits from increased innovation, improved loyalty, enhanced productivity, and a wider knowledge of what other companies are doing that works.

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