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Employee Retention Could Be as Simple as “Thank You”,

November 2nd, 2016
manager impact chartTop talent, particularly in the tech industry, remains increasingly difficult to attract, recruit, and retain. By one estimate, a third of a company's entire HR budget is spent recruiting and retaining these workers. Yet, they still leave.

A study by Appirio says there's a cheaper and easier way to hold on to your top talent, and, for that matter, all talent: teach your managers the value of saying "Thank you."

"60% of respondents said that when analyzing a job offer, it is most important to know whether the staff feel appreciated by the prospective manager," reports Appirio in The Human Touch for Tech Talent: Employee Retention Could Be as Simple as “Thank You.”

"A manager can make or break the employee experience," says the report. "When evaluating traits of an ideal manager, more employees ranked having a boss who acts as their advocate (33%) above having a clear path to a promotion (22%), receiving regular performance reviews and feedback (17%), earning incentive based bonuses (12%), or even being beloved by senior executives (12%)."

The bottom line? "Workers leave managers, not companies — and they choose to accept jobs for managers, too."

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