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Don't Start a Search By Updating Your Resume

December 4th, 2019

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Gift shopping and holiday partying may be what most people are thinking of just now. Give it a few weeks though, and we'll be making resolutions to lose weight, get in shape or -- always among the top resolutions -- find a new job.

If changing jobs is on your list, then the place to start is not with your resume. Career coaches will tell you the place to start is to think about what you want in a new job. That's point one in a Fast Company article about launching a job search.

“I suggest you focus on you first as the foundation," says coach Evangelia Leclaire. “You don’t want to end up in a job you hate, or simply tolerate, because you weren’t honest with yourself or didn’t believe you could grow into bigger and better opportunities."

Inventory your skills before you start revising your resume. Don't just restrict that list to what you do at work or to the so-called "hard skills." Do you like working in a team? Can you communicate in a way that is clear? Are you a quick study? These soft skills are increasingly what recruiters and hiring manages zero in on.

Dorianne St Fleur, a career strategist and the founder of Your Career Girl, advises, "While it may seem like a no-brainer to solely focus on your project management experience if you’re applying for a project management role, consider highlighting the complementary skills you bring to the table as well.”

When you do get to crafting a resume, Fast Company says to think like a marketer, not a historian. A resume is not an autobiography, but a marketing document. "Just like in marketing, you’re trying to prompt a purchase decision," career coach Jenny Foss says. So review several job descriptions to get a sense of themes and criteria, then show in your resume how you fit.

Every job search is different, but the basic ingredients are the same. Besides the Fast Company article take a look at the advice we have on our blog. Review our job listings and, if you find a fit, let us hear from you.

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