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Costume Ideas HR Will Like

October 28th, 2019

floppy disk costume

This is the time of year that sends shivers up the back of HR managers everywhere. Just thinking of what kinds of costumes some people might wear to work on Halloween is enough to tempt HR to take the advice of attorney Karen Michael and cancel the whole day.

And then deal with the Grinch who stole Halloween fallout for weeks.

We write about this HR dilemma every year. Last year our advice was simple: "If your mom wouldn't approve, don't wear it."

Still good advice. However, the times being what they are, HR managers need to be a little more proactive. Besides the annual reminder about what's acceptable for the office, include pointers to places employees can find office appropriate costumes. There have always been lists of what not to wear. This year, we came up with a few sites featuring costumes no HR person will object to:

  • ZDnet has a bunch of geeky suggestions.. There's a great one for the geek who doesn't want to dress up, but doesn't want to be left out either. It's a t-shirt featuring a 404 error code: "Costume not found."
  • Pinterest has dozens of costume ideas -- several that take some work, but many that are simple, yet effective.
  • This one from MentalFloss wins the award for the punniest costumes yet. Yes, more than a few are pretty lame, but if they prompt you to be creative, so what.

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