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Celebrate IT Pro Day By Training

September 17th, 2019

IT Pro Day

Today, for IT Pro Day you could order in pizza and sandwiches to recognize the work they do. Or you could really go all out to celebrate hosting lunch and committing to give your team the time they need -- and a survey says they want -- to freshen up their skills and learn new ones.

A survey commissioned by IT management software provider SolarWinds specifically for IT Professionals Day says a majority of tech pros are less than “completely confident” they’ll have all the necessary skills to successfully do their job in the next three to five years. Yet, 60% of the responding tech pros did not actively pursued a new skill or completed a certification in the last six months. It's not that they don't want to -- a majority started a course, but didn't complete it because of lack of time.

eWEEK Editor-in-Chief Chris J. Preimesberger says corporate managers should celebrate IT Pro Day, "by not only giving tech pros the recognition they deserve but also by supporting them in their professional growth."

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