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Business Smarts More Important for Blockchain Jobs

May 22nd, 2019

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With all the blockchain hype driving business curiosity as to how the secure ledger might be useful, companies are recruiting technologists with skills in the area. But what are those skills?

Just in time, consulting firm KPMG has come to the rescue with a report detailing some necessary skills and, fortunately, blockchain experience isn't the most important. We say fortunately only because so few IT professionals have experience in the field. Those that do, can command salaries of as much as $175,000.

More critical, says KPMG, are technologists with business acumen, which is crucial to understanding how to apply blockchain to solve a business problem.

In a Computerworld article detailing the report, Tegan Keele, KPMG's U.S. blockchain program lead says, "You have to know how to apply it and that really only comes if you have an understanding of business processes."

Developers should also understand the difference between a variety of technologies, including the cloud, protocols, ERPs and networks, and know when to use different mechanisms and platforms. Technical skills, of course, are necessary, "some knowledge of coding (JavaScript, HTML, solidity, etc.) is helpful...."

"Those entering the blockchain development/engineering field," says Computerworld, "Should have the mentality of a hacker - or the ability to problem solve collaboratively in a workshop setting when a client presents a business problem.

"Given the lack of coursework around blockchain and its relatively new existence in the enterprise, a team must be open to exploring and experimenting by 'hacking the problem' from a business and IT perspective, according to KPMG."

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