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Business and Marketing Internships Are Hot This Year

February 8th, 2017
internship demandComputer jobs may be the the toughest jobs to fill, but when it comes to summer internships, marketing and business ops jobs are what employers are most looking to fill.

Drawing from a Burning Glass Technologies report, The New York Times says the largest number of summer internships are expected to be in business operations. That's a pretty broad category. Narrowing it down to the five most sought after skills, The Times says employers are looking for project management, business administration, scheduling, customer service and economics.

Project management skills show up in 10 of the 20 top internship fields, including engineering, sales and business development and human resources. It's the top crossover skill, says the article, and it requires especially good people skills.

You can find the complete list here, but if you are a student, or have one,  looking for an internship, there's no time to waste. Internship job postings peak in March. By May, cautions The Times, if you haven't already nailed down an internship, "you’re probably out of luck."

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