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The Best and Worst Cities For Jobs In 2017

January 6th, 2017
best and worst cities for jobsThe worst city for job hunting in 2017 is Detroit. WalletHub, a financial services site, ranked it at the bottom of its annual list of the best -- and the worst -- cities for jobs.

If Detroit coming in last was no surprise, Scottsdale, AZ coming in first might be. The tony Phoenix suburb is better known as a winter playground for well-heeled snowbirds. Replete with up-scale restaurants and spas, Scottsdale is as far from 5th place San Francisco, as its desert is from the Bay Area's redwood groves.

How Wallet Hub came to pick Scottsdale over Silicon Valley as the number one place for jobs has everything to do with the ingredients that went into its mix. More than just the sheer number of jobs available, Wallet Hub took into account job security, the unemployment rate, starting salaries, and job satisfaction, among other factors.

Crunch it all together and you get Scottsdale in 1st place, Plano, TX 2nd, Orlando, FL 3rd, Sioux Falls, SD 4th and San Francisco 5th.

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