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Audition Your Seasonal Hires For Permanent Jobs

December 10th, 2018

Businesses of all sizes and across multiple industries hired on more than a million workers to help with the holiday season. Come January, most of those jobs will end. But if you're one of those employers with seasonal help, you should think twice before sending out layoff notices. In this tight hiring environment, your seasonal workers afford you an excellent opportunity to fill vacancies with proven talent.

For weeks now, your seasonal staff has been doing the same or very similar jobs as your permanent staff, providing you with a rare opportunity to "audition" workers. In most usual hiring situations, you rely on a candidate's background and experience, references -- when you can get them -- and an interview. With seasonal workers, you get all that plus a job try out lasting several weeks. By the end of the holiday season, you'll know who among your temporary hires is a real gem, the kind of worker that makes a positive impact. You'll have a good sense of their talents, their work ethic and how well they fit into your culture.

So why would you let someone like that go, just because it's January? Even if you don't now have a vacancy, chances are you soon will. With annual voluntary turnover above 25%, according to the latest government numbers, and the New Year being a time when job changing is at a high, offering a permanent job to your best seasonal workers may be the smartest hiring decision you can make.

The largest employers have for years tracked their temporary help, offering permanent jobs to the best workers. Although small businesses may have to stretch the budget to accommodate another hire, the value of these employees both in the work they produce and the savings in recruiting costs when you do have a vacancy, more than covers the additional expense.

So before the season ends, consider who among your temporary hires would make a great addition to your permanent staff. Then hire them.

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