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8 New Job Firsts and How to Handle Them

November 1st, 2017

starting lineHaving your first job is a bit like being a newborn. Everything is a first: Your first boss, first big opportunity, first performance review and even your first screw-up. It happens -- or did -- to all of us. Now, Glassdoor has put together a list of 8 "firsts" under the title, "8 Moments That Can Make or Break Your Career."

More than just listing these firsts, Glassdoor provides advice on how to handle them. All 8 are important; two, though, stand out in particular: Your first meeting with your new boss and your first performance review.

That first meeting is especially significant because that's when you find out how best to work with your new boss. “It is a chance to learn what is important to your boss and to ensure you meet and exceed his or her expectations,” says career strategist Hannah Morgan in the Glassdoor article.

The article doesn't go into detail on how to handle the meeting, but there are any number of online resources that will help you. The best advice is go into the meeting with questions very much like those you may have asked when you were interviewing: What are the boss' expectations? What is the standard of excellence? How closely will you two work together? And, how much guidance and feedback can you expect?

The second first that is as important is how to prepare for the inevitable performance review. Depending on how progressive the company -- and your boss -- is these may occur regularly during the year or, in still many companies, only annually. Regardless of the frequency, you should keep a list of your accomplishments and don't be shy about taking credit for the work you've done.

Of the remaining six firsts, whether you get the last first will be up to how well you handle the others. That last one? It's your first hire.

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