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8 'Best' Jobs That Might Just Get You Interested In HR

July 8th, 2019

Chances are no child has ever told Grandma and Grandpa they want to be a human resources manager when they grow up. Too bad, because it's a growing career that pays well and is becoming ever more vital to modern management.

A new report from CareerCast says seasoned HR managers have a median salary of $113,000. Even though that means half the jobs pay less, it also means half pay more, which says a lot about the importance companies are placing on their HR leaders. Where not that long ago human resources was mostly a transactional department handling payroll and benefits and posting notices of open jobs, today's HR leaders are strategic business partners, focused on improving productivity through modern recruiting and management practices.

Though many HR professionals are, as CareerCast acknowledges, "Jills and Jacks of all trades," the industry has multiple specialties with some of the newest ones requiring a background in data analytics, artificial intelligence and other like areas.

The CareerCast report lists 8 "best" jobs in human resources. There's very little detail and the list is skewed, developed from the number of job postings on the CareerCast site itself. But it does offer a look at some of the various opportunities in human resources. The list includes several that might be obvious -- recruiting and benefits specialist, for example -- as well as less well known career opportunities in training and management consulting.

It's a far from complete list of what we consider to be "best jobs in HR," but it's a good sampler of opportunities in a career that is growing in opportunity and in importance.

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