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5 In-Demand Medical Office Jobs

March 13th, 2019


Healthcare is one of the nation's two fastest growing fields where jobs are hard to fill. (The other is information technology.) Topping the list of the most in-demand workers are nurses, doctors and physical therapists. These jobs require years of training and licensing, one of the reasons hospitals, clinics, and medical offices pay top dollar to these professionals.

But there are other, less visible jobs that don't require an advanced degree, that can be almost as challenging to fill.

Among the most difficult is the role of medical office manager. As a blog post on Very Well Health explains, "Some medical office managers may have a clinical background such as nursing, but more often, medical office managers work their way up into a management role from another non-clinical office job such as medical billing or another position."

In a very large group, the job may require a business degree or even a MBA and can pay as much as $150,000. Even for an average size practice, an office manager can expect to earn around $88,000.

The job is one of the five medical office jobs Very Well Health considers among the best because of the hours and the high demand for qualified workers. Here's a look at the others that made the list:

  • Medical coder -- Coders are responsible for converting a diagnosis and treatment plan into the standardized codes insurance companies and others require for reimbursement and computerized recordkeeping. Entry-level pay starts at $25,000, while an experienced and efficient coder in a busy office can earn up to $60,000. Average is about $34,000.
  • Medical biller -- Sometimes this job is combined with that of coder. A biller is responsible for sending out the bills and claims. The average pay is around $25,000.
  • Office receptionist -- This is a front office job involving a variety of tasks, but especially answering phones, scheduling appointments and working directly with patients on routine administrative matters. Annual salary ranges from $30,000 to $46,000.
  • Office assistants -- These jobs often combine administrative and clinical work. An office assistant may handle patient scheduling, managing patient records and answering phone calls. At other times, the job may involve collecting medical specimens, preping patients for exams and assisting in minor office procedures. Many office managers begin this way. The annual average salary is about $30,000.
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