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4 Strategies For Hiring Accountants This Year

February 17th, 2020

As far back as 2013 Forbes published an article headlined "Why Accounting and Finance Pros Are So Difficult to Hire." The only thing that's changed since is that accountants will be even more difficult to hire in 2020.


"That’s more of a statement than a prediction," says Accounting Today, recommending a few strategies for recruiting professionals in this highly competitive market.

Before we detail these -- you've likely heard some of these before -- we suggest calling us here at Green Key Resources.

The Accounting Today suggestions are excellent long term approaches. But when you need a top flight candidate yesterday, we're ready with a pipeline of excellent professionals who will exceed your expectations in every way. No matter where in the country you are, call us at 212.683.1988.

For the long term, here's what to do.

Provide opportunities for growth -- This means more than just basic training. Candidates are looking for roles that offer fresh challenges, a chance to demonstrate their leadership skills and to move up in the organization. Offer project contract work to reach professionals and build your talent pool

You culture should provide a personal touch -- Beyond the basic benefits, a supportive culture provides schedule flexibility, tailored growth opportunities, advancement and the engagement of senior members of the firm in nurturing talent.

Be flexible in your requirements -- Instead of insisting on a certain number of years of experience, consider the whole candidate package. "Some candidates may not check all of the boxes but can really excel in a position," observes the Accounting Today article. Would you pass up a candidate with excellent software and technology skills just because they only have four years of experience?

Leverage external support -- Don't depend on job boards or even LinkedIn to bring in the talent you want. Work your networks and always ask for referrals. Reach out to the silver medalists who almost got the job last time; their skills and experience have only increased. And develop a relationship with a staffing firm like us that has a specialty in accounting.

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