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For 35 Cents the Government Gets $100

March 30th, 2016
IRS logoThe IRS doesn't just go around handing out money. Except it did last week.

At a speech at the National Press Club, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen handed out envelopes containing a dime and and a quarter. He was making a point that it costs the IRS 35 cents to collect $100.

"If you add up all the work we do for the tax system – issuing forms, helping taxpayers, sending out notices, conducting audits, and everything else – it now costs us about 35 cents to collect $100 in federal revenue. I think that's a pretty good deal for the American people," Koskinen boasted.

He had a few more numbers -- several, in fact -- that he shared with his audience:
  • $3.3 trillion - The amount collected through voluntary compliance with tax laws.
  • 450,000 - The number of tax returns processed hourly in the weeks immediately leading up to April 15.
  • 150 million - The total tax returns the IRS will handle this year.
  • 85,000 - The number of IRS employees. This is down 17,000 since the peak year in 2010.

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