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2017 Is Going to Be the Year of the Jobseeker

January 5th, 2017
talent shortage chartFor any job seeker who's fallen victim to recruiting's black hole -- submitting a resume only to hear nothing -- it may be hard to believe that a quarter of all employers get few or no applicants.

That's one finding in a massive global survey of some 42,000 employers. Couple that with a report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that job openings reached an all-time high last year and it's no surprise declared 2017 to be "The Best Job Market In Years."

With nearly half of the U.S. employers in the survey reporting having difficulty filling their openings, many said they are sweetening their benefits and perks, upping their pay packages, and changing their work model, including offering telecommuting and flex-time arrangements.

As challenging as this war for talent has become, employers aren't loosening their standards simply to fill an empty seat. Besides too few or no applicants for some jobs, employers say finding people with the right combination of experience and skills has gotten harder than ever.

"Employers are looking for the best talent, the top performers. Someone who will be a good fit with the company and team culture and will quickly become a strong contributor," explains Randi Bleichfeld, director of business development for Green Key Resources.

"In this business environment, posting a job and hoping the right person applies just isn't a smart recruiting strategy," she adds.

Most companies will still post their openings, if only to comply with government requirements, but they'll also take a more proactive approach; 28% explore alternative sourcing strategies and 36% recruit outside the talent pool.

For their more demanding positions and those they've tried and failed to fill, employers will turn to staffing firms like Green Key Resources, says Bleichfeld.

"Because we specialize in certain fields, we know who the best people are. We know their skills, their background and, because we stay in touch with them, we know who is ready to make a move," she says. "That's why we can fill a job quickly with people who can make a difference."

If you're an employer with a job that has to be filled NOW, or a candidate planning to make a move this year, contact us. Employers can call us at 212.683.1988 or submit a job here. Candidates can see what positions we currently have open here. Submit your resume here.

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