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20 Things To Do After the Interview

November 1st, 2019


Now that the interview is over, every job hunter knows -- or should -- to send thank you notes to the hiring manager, recruiter and everyone else they spoke with.

It's a way to emphasize your strong points and shore up any areas where you might have been weak. Skipping the thank you note could even cost you the job.

But don't stop there. There are plenty of other things -- 20, to be specific -- you can do after the interview that will improve your chances of getting an offer and making you a more attractive candidate should you not get the job. Dr. John Sullivan, a leading figure among human resources professionals, says, "During my conversations with literally thousands of recruiters, I have learned that there are numerous actions that will directly improve an individual candidate’s chances of getting a great offer."

Writing on the recruiting blog, Sullivan details what he describes as the "top 20 most impactful post-interview actions that a candidate should take." Making his list are such clever tips as thanking the receptionist on your way out, texting a thank you to the recruiter and hiring manager that shows your excitement about the job and, if you haven't already, connect on LinkedIn with everyone you met during the interview.

Within minutes of walking out the door, "Literally and immediately sit down outside and make a list of the interview questions noting which ones you answered poorly. Also, make a list of the people you met."

Not every suggestion Sullivan makes directly improves your chances of getting that job, but each will improve your overall hiring chances. Your post-interview goals, says Sullivan, "Should include avoiding stress about the opportunity, while showing excitement, confidence, and responsiveness during every remaining interaction with the firm. In my experience, this proactive approach can improve your chances of getting a great offer by as much as 20%."

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