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10% Of Meetings Could Be Fakes

December 12th, 2019

If you have a job, you attend meetings. The higher up you go, the more meetings you'll attend. Executives spend around 23 hours a week in meetings. Even middle managers are spending more than a third of their time in one meeting or another.

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Hardly anyone thinks all these meetings are worth the time -- 67% of executives think they're a waste. And now we find that 10% of all meetings -- the estimated 11 million a day that are scheduled -- are downright fakes.

Fakes, yes, right, as in scheduled, put on calendars, but with no intention of anyone attending.

Synergy SKY, a meetings technology provider, reports that it discovered "10% of workers are regularly booking fake meetings into their diary to keep colleagues thinking they are busier than they really are."

The Norwegian company got suspicious when it noticed that some of the 2500 meetings booked via its service had no one attending. The company knows this because the meeting rooms have motion detectors that communicate with Synergy SKY's technology.

Meetings get moved or cancelled all the time, the company concedes, but the 10% estimate came from repeat unattended bookings.

The company suggests some of the "fake" bookings may be coming from workers just looking to goof off, while looking busy

Another reason could be they are preventing others from booking the room, to avoid having to attend yet another ineffective meeting.

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