Women in Leadership at GKR

March is Women’s History Month, a time to reflect on the positive contributions of women around the world and those who have led through equality, inclusion, and strength. Green Key Resources is proud of every single woman in our organization, many of whom hold leadership positions. Although being a woman in a leadership role comes with its challenges, those at Green Key also note the feelings of reward and success they’ve experienced over the years.

Representation of women in leadership 

Deloris Jones, Partner at Green Key leading the Pharmaceutical National team, says, “Women bring a unique perspective to the table in the way we approach problem-solving and decision-making. Having women in leadership positions provides visibility and serves as a role model for young women, showing them that they can achieve success and leadership roles in their career.” 

Representation is especially important to younger generations just beginning their careers, giving female recent grads someone to reassure them of their growth potential. Cheryl Chasen, Partner leading the Pharma Direct Hire team, elaborates on her advice to young women entering recruiting, while also hoping to one day hold a leadership position. “Seek out mentors, nurture your relationships, and step out of your comfort zone. When you get to know your candidates, and understand the company culture of your clients, you’ll begin to trust yourself and your abilities.” 

Deloris adds, “Network with other professionals in the field, stay up-to-date on industry trends, and don’t be afraid to speak up and voice your opinions. Also, ensure that you are taking care of your physical and mental health, as the long hours and stress can take a toll. Finally, remember that the best way to succeed is to always keep learning and striving to better yourself.” 

Support and potential

Adina Goldman, Principal at Green Key and Head of Corporate Human Resources, credits the management team for seeing her true capabilities. “A component of being a leader is the ability to identify other individuals in the organization with leadership potential and giving them the tools and resources necessary for them to grow into leadership roles. This is exactly what Green Key management did for me, and I can only hope to pay it forward by offering training and development to other individuals in the organization who have the potential and the desire to grow into leadership roles,” she elaborates. 

There is no short supply of the benefits and impacts of having women in leadership. Though everyone leads through a different style, all tend to rely on the importance of communication, taking risks, and remaining self-assured. Judy Holt, Partner at Green Key and head of the Professional Support/Human Resources Rockville team, says, “I set clear goals and have an open-door policy; I make it known that I don’t know everything and can always improve. I try to adapt to how others learn and motivate; I listen. I have empathy for everyone and, at the same time, lead by example. I encourage free thinking and creativity, which creates ownership and empowerment in my team.” 

Cheryl mentions, “Women can bring alternative perspectives and experiences to leadership roles, which can help organizations make more effective decisions leading to innovative solutions. They can empower other women at the company by helping to support career progression and leadership development.” 

Karen Martinez, Partner leading the Green Key Healthcare team, touches on the negative stereotypes and gender bias women have to tackle in order to reach leadership positions in their careers. “As the sole earner in a non-traditional family dynamic, I was still expected to complete all of the parenting duties at home, while simultaneously driving my career. Men rarely get asked about play dates or the PTA.”  

Maintaining balance

However, women at Green Key elaborate on how management has allowed them to balance a dynamic career, while also building a family at home. Adina says, “When the importance of finding a work/life balance is valued so highly by the company, which is exemplified by flexibility with time off, and other benefits and perks offered through internal programs, it’s easy to find that balance. I’m excited to be getting married later this year, and when I first shared the news with GKR management, they couldn’t have been more supportive or excited for me and this next chapter of my personal life.” 

“The culture and respect the leaders have for well-being and work-life balance motivated me to reach a leadership position at Green Key,” Judy adds. “They provide the opportunity to grow and develop with unlimited opportunities by listening to fresh perspectives.” 

When asked how she balances a leadership career and a personal life, Karen says, “I have learned to find a consistent activity/interest with each member of my family that we can share. You have to carve out time to listen to each other.”

Women in leadership are paving the way for stronger organizations, redefined ideas, and inspiration to younger generations. Green Key is proud to celebrate their achievements not just in the month of March, but all year round. If you’re a woman interested in growing her career, and following strong female mentors in the process, don’t hesitate to check out our internal jobs today. 

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