#WeAreGreenKey: Spotlight on Carissa Iacona

Welcome back to #WeAreGreenKey, where we shine a spotlight on our powerhouse recruiting team.

We’re starting off the new year with an awesome chat with Carissa Iacona, Recruiter on the Marketing Technology team at Green Key. With both technology and recruiting experience in her past, Carissa joined Green Key a year ago ready to jump into the MarTech space and expand her expertise as much as she can. She reiterated how excited she is to develop her team even more in 2023, as well as all the new trends happening in the evolving technology world.

What was your professional experience prior to recruiting?

I was in HCM technology sales, cold calling mid-sized businesses and setting up consultations with c-level executives to evaluate technology services and showing the value of robust HR technology. So, I did have a little bit of tech background prior to recruiting.

I was there for about two years when I started looking for a change during the Covid pandemic. I was looking for an experience where I could make an impactful change during this unprecedented time. A former colleague, who was currently working at a healthcare agency, reached out regarding an open position. I took the call and realized recruiting was the perfect blend of the fast-paced sales environment I enjoy and providing a specialized service.

While I was working in healthcare recruiting, Brooke [Stemen] reached out to me with the intent of having me join the Healthcare divison at Green Key. Because I was no longer interested in the healthcare field, I asked her to describe the other teams at Green Key, which is how I learned about this startup team in the niche space of MarTech. That led me to meeting Ryan [Calpin] and getting the chance to pick his brain about the industry and why it’s the place to be in terms of what I am looking for in career growth. I’ve now been with the team for a year now and I am so grateful for the knowledge and skillset I have gained during my time here.

What do you love about recruiting in the MarTech space?

I love working with passionate and talented people, as well as speaking to potential candidates about their career development goals. One thing I always ask my candidates is how they got their start in MarTech, each story is interesting and authentic.

During this past year in the MarTech division, I’ve learned so much from the experts in this exciting industry, from learning about how they’ve gained success through their roles and how tech is evolving, everchanging and adapting. I like meeting new people and having organic discussions on upcoming trends. This allows me to align the right fit opportunity for the candidate with the client who is working on similar areas of interest. I enjoy acting as that essential, strong link between the candidate and the client.

Are there any trends in MarTech you’ve been noticing recently?

We’ve been noticing a boost in Advertising Technology companies and really innovative ideas that are changing the way we communicate, live and buy. Everything these days is virtual with the shift in remote working environments. We are seeing growth in the expansion of digital marketing and advertising efforts. These types of roles are really exciting to be in, with a significant amount of potential for growth and expansion. We are definitely prepared for that surge to come.

What sets Green Key apart from other staffing agencies?

From my first phone call with the recruiter, I knew this was the place I wanted to be. The company holds strong values that instantly stood apart from other companies I was exploring. I love working for a company that supports the authenticity of every individual on each team. It feels so empowering to bring new ideas to the table and those new ideas are not only embraced but deeply valued.

You’re about to come up on a year at Green Key. What are your professional goals for 2023?

I am so excited for the big plans our team has in 2023, I definitely want to continue on the path of mentoring and career developing my team. Under Ryan [Calpin]’s right wing, I also hope to continue learning about the account management side of the business and attending new trainings where I can continue advancing my skills.

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